Game 4: 7th Inning sits down with Micah Thingvold, head coach at Waunakee High School and Brad Rindfleisch, head coach at West Bend West High School. ...View Details

Game 4: 6th Inning sits down with Victor Herbst, head baseball coach at Janesville Craig High School.   Coach Herbst: 

Game 4: 5th Inning sits down with Chris Schwarz, head baseball coach at UW-La Crosse. To learn more about UW-LAX Baseball visit their website: https:/...View Details

Game 4: 4th Inning sits down with Stein Rear, Head Baseball Coach at Carroll University in Waukesha, WI.  To learn more about Stein, see his bio here:...View Details

Game 4: 3rd Inning sits down with Trent Mongero. Trent will be speaking at the WBCA Clinic this weekend, February 11-12. He will also be running a one...View Details

Game 4: 2nd Inning sits down with Jerry Weinstein, who since 2012 has been working in the Colorado Rockies Organization. To learn more about jerry vis...View Details

Game 4: 1st Inning sits down with Trevor Burmeister, minor league hitting coach in the Colorado Rockies organization.  To contact Burm directly, you c...View Details

Game 4: Ground Rules

Recap of Game 3 and an introduction to Game 4

Game 3: 7th Inning sits down with 2021 WBCA Hall of Fame inductee, Rusty Tiedemann. During his career at Watertown High School, Rusty compiled a recor...View Details

Game 3: 6th Inning sits down with Shaun Wegner, assistant coach at UW-Milwaukee and Steve Bartlein, assistant coach at UW-Whitewater.  E-mail for Coac...View Details

Game 3: 5th Inning sits down with Steve Warren, head baseball coach at Marathon High School. Steve was inducted into the WBCA Hall of Fame in 2019.   ...View Details

Game 3: 4th Inning sits down with Harvey Knutson, Head Baseball Coach at Bay Port High School. Harvey had a historic first season as head coach as the...View Details

"Game 3: 3rd Inning" highlights Jim Wilkinson, Head Baseball Coach at Germantown High School and 2020 WBCA Hall of Fame inductee. Coach Wilkinson hold...View Details

"Game 3: 2nd Inning" highlights Spencer Lee, recently retired Head Baseball Coach at Waunakee High School. Coach Lee stepped down after 25 seasons as ...View Details

"Game 3: 1st Inning" highlights Bill Miller, Head Baseball Coach at Demark High School. Coach Miller has a career record of 454-220 and is a 2021 stat...View Details

Game 3: Ground Rules

Game 3 "Ground Rules" serves as a recap of 2021 and a preview to future episodes. 

"Game 2: 7th Inning" highlights Jarrod Washburn, Head Baseball Coach at Webster High School. Coach Washburn has led the Tigers to back-to-back state c...View Details

"Game 2: 6th Inning" highlights Greg Reinhard, owner of GRB Academy. Inside of this episode, Greg takes us through his journey as a player at UW-White...View Details

"Game 2: 5th Inning" highlights Kyle Trewyn, Associate Head Coach at Bradley University. He also serves and the hitting and catching coach as well as ...View Details

"Game 2: 4th Inning" highlights John Vodenlich, Head Baseball Coach at UW-Whitewater. 2021 will be coach Vo's is entering his 18th season as head coac...View Details

"Game 2: 3rd Inning" highlights Scott Doffek, Head Baseball Coach at UW-Milwaukee. Coach Doffek is entering his 15th season as head coach of the Panth...View Details

"Game 2: 2nd Inning" highlights Chad Montez, Head Baseball Coach at Waukesha West High School. Coach Montez has a career record of 410-309 including s...View Details

"Game 2: 1st Inning" highlights Scott Staude, Head Baseball Coach at Burlington High School. Coach Stuade has a career record of 284-194 including fou...View Details

Game 2: Ground Rules

The "Ground Rules" section recaps Game 1 and previews Game 2. 

"Game 1: 7th Inning" highlights Jeff Ryan, Head Baseball Coach at Prescott High School, a 2019 inductee to the WBCA Hall of Fame. Coach Ryan has a car...View Details

"Game 1: 6th Inning" highlights Ryan McGinnis, Head Baseball Coach and Athletic Director at Kimberly High School. Ryan discusses his journey both play...View Details

"Game 1: 5th Inning" highlights Dave Bahr, Head Baseball Coach at Lake Country High School. D-Bahr discussed his journey both playing and coaching, th...View Details

"Game 1: 4th Inning" highlights Greg Fetherston, Head Baseball Coach at Jefferson High School. Fether unpacks his journey growing up in Jefferson, pla...View Details

"Game 1: 3rd Inning" highlights Mark Fuller, the "Godfather" of amateur baseball in Wisconsin. Mark spent 34 years of his coaching career at Cumberlan...View Details

"Game 1: 2nd Inning" highlights Rob Hamilton, Head Baseball Coach at Sun Prairie High School. Under his leadership, the Cardinals have qualified for t...View Details

"Game 1: 1st Inning" highlights Scott Holler from Oak Creek High School where he serves as Head Baseball Coach and Athletic Director. Scott is also th...View Details

Ground Rules

The "Ground Rules" section is a preview of what to expect in upcoming episodes. It serves as a trailer for listeners to get to know Tim Gotzler and th...View Details

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